A software factory, also known as a software development company, is a team of professionals who specialize in creating, designing, and maintaining software products. Here are some reasons why you might want to hire a software factory:


Software development requires specialized skills and knowledge that your organization may not have in-house. A software factory brings together a team of experts who have experience in developing software applications, from designing and coding to testing and deployment.


A software factory has a well-established process for software development, which includes project management, development methodologies, and quality assurance. This ensures that the development process is streamlined, resulting in faster time-to-market, and reduced costs.


A software factory can quickly scale up or down to meet the demands of your business. If your organization needs to develop a new software application or add new features to an existing one, a software factory can provide the necessary resources to do so.

Focus on core business

Developing software is not the core business of most organizations. By outsourcing software development to a software factory, your organization can focus on its core business activities while the software factory takes care of the development process.

Access to technology

A software factory invests in the latest technology and tools required for software development. By hiring a software factory, you can gain access to these tools and technologies without having to invest in them yourself.

Risk mitigation

Developing software involves risks, such as delays, cost overruns, and quality issues. A software factory has experience in managing these risks and can help mitigate them through its established processes and procedures.

Overall, hiring a software factory can help your organization develop high-quality software products efficiently, reduce costs, and focus on its core business activities.

We provide our clients the benefits of an outsourcing development agency: the expertise of our software engineers and a team that adapts to clients’ needs. We stay close to our customers and listen to them. Together, our customers, our team, and our partners form the Fx2 family.