In large industrial companies and logistics hub, the transportation of goods is constant. Therefore, the flow of people is very high, including drivers, security staff, receptionists, administrative staff, and more.

The work of employees at the gates to deliver the documentation and validate the loading or unloading of goods and the steps to be followed, today it is sought to be automated, especially to avoid contacts that may represent a risk due to the pandemic.

In this regard, we have been working for one of our clients in the industrial sector. We have created a chatbot for attention and automation of the delivery or dispatch of goods on site.

The communication that was previously carried out between the operators or supervisors and the drivers, today is carried out between the chatbot and the drivers, which allows automating and digitizing the process of reception, validation of information and indications within the loading area or delivery.

The objectives are:

The main objectives of the project are:

鈥 maximize the social distancing of drivers with company staff

鈥 digitize the process in logistics operations by automating all possible steps of the process

鈥 have a two-way communication channel between drivers and supervisors in real time

The implementation of an attention chatbot was the chosen mechanism to fulfill the primary objectives and obtain other benefits.

New functionality of the Bot to manage the transfer of merchandise in a closed circuit

The problem

Trucks have delay times to be loaded and unloaded. Therefore, when a truck arrives unloaded, the ideal is that the same driver can leave that truck and take another one that has already been loaded. In addition, each truck has its priority level in being transferred (type of load and capacity) for which it is necessary to indicate to each driver which of the available trucks to take.

The solution:

Through the chatBot, the carrier can indicate the arrival of his truck and his willingness to take a new one. In turn, the Bot has the ability to indicate the license plate of the truck that must be transferred.

To indicate the arrival of a truck, a photo of the QRs found at the loading and unloading points is sent. To indicate the availability to transport a truck and find out which one to take, a simple dialogue is maintained with the bot.

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