Fx2 has been specializing in face recognition technologies. At the beginning we partnered with an American startup called Viewdle, which developed an Application Programming Interface (API) for facial recognition with excellent performance, which was later acquired by Google. Subsequently, already framed and positioned in the area of image and video processing, the company began to establish business relationships with different leaders and referents in these technologies, as is the case of Cognitec.

Cognitec Systems is a global leader in facial recognition solutions and technologies for enterprise and government customers worldwide. Several evaluation tests by independent international organizations have demonstrated the performance and leadership of Cognitec Systems’ solutions, technologies and algorithms.

Cognitec was founded in 2002 by a group of experts who identified the need for both software and hardware biometric solutions. Its founding team has been working on the development of FaceVACS technology since 1995 and since then the technology has been applied in a large number of installations worldwide including:

  • Border identification controls: automatic passport validation, suspect list control, etc.
  • Commercial applications: demographic studies, people flow analysis, preferential customer recognition, etc.
  • Law enforcement authorities: identification of suspects, missing persons, etc.
  • Physical security: access control, etc

On-site work with Cognitec engineers – Boston-USA

One of the requirements to become a Cognitec partner is the completion of an on-site training workshop on the different products that the company provides with specialized engineers. Understanding in depth the variables that affect the recognition process, the minimum hardware required, how to configure and estimate the best deployment of the technology in each case, etc…

With this training Fx2 becomes the only Added Value Reseller (VAR) of Cognitec Systems at national level and one of the few in Latin America.

On the other hand, Fx2 is currently organizing a series of internal workshops to train the rest of its technicians in the technology and developing different customizations in its own solutions that allow direct application to different verticals such as: Customer Loyalty and Marketing for supermarkets and department stores, Biometric Identification for establishments with scalable security levels, among others.