AQVA Online

AQVA is a leading company in Latin America, oriented to the administration of families鈥 financial patrimonies, with offices in Montevideo, Sao Paulo and Miami.

With the clear聽objective聽of carrying out a聽digital transformation strategy,聽AQVA has set out a series of stages in which we have the privilege of accompanying them as a technological partner.

To continue advancing towards new services for its clients, AQVA with the support of Fx2, has developed AQVA Online, a mobile application and online platform that聽allows AQVA clients to know the status of their finances in real time.

The system allows to be aware at all times of how your investment is. With different very intuitive graphs, it shows you the return on capital: how much is the profit from month to month, how the investment is being made, etc. 聽

AVQA Online allows the client to self-manage: they can access the system and see all the data in a few seconds and safe way.
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