Facial recognition API

Viewdle developed a facial recognition API with a team of Ukrainian engineers and mathematicians, but lacked a product visible to users who made use of it. 聽We were selected in a tough competition with local and international companies, to develop Viewdle desktop products from the Fx2 offices.

The American company requested several demos and interviews with the different teams of interested companies. Finally, after the evaluation they decided to entrust the development of the first betas to Fx2.

We started working on the first versions of the first desktop and mass consumption product of the startup, based on facial recognition on images and video.聽

聽For the duration of the relationship, we have worked with the startup developing demos for the company’s investors, showing the benefits of technology and its applications. 聽The developments have consisted in the use of Microsoft technology, 100% Windows Presentation Foundation, using SQLite database and integrating and developing part of the Viewdle API, which includes the use of TBB (Threading Building Blocks).

聽One of the non-technological challenges we faced was mainly to be able to follow the dizzying pace of Viewdle and its characteristics in terms of constant changes in requirements, very tight times and a work culture very different from that of this region.聽Viewdle was subsequently acquired by Google.聽聽聽聽聽聽

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