Web platform

VendAgro is a company that seeks to provide a fast and direct connection between sellers and buyers of soybeans. 聽

Fx2 worked on the creation of an on-line buying and selling platform for grains and agricultural products.聽 The system facilitates electronic trading between the selling and buying users in the digital market. 聽The platform allows registered users to define automatic rules of acceptance for offer/demand, based on the on-line price of the Chicago Stock Exchange and the percentage variations in a fixed range.聽聽

鈥淚n Fx2 they helped us to take down to earth our project, with a multidisciplinary and very professional team. They organize the work very well and meet the established times.鈥 Mart铆n Ben铆tez, Co-founder 鈥澛
Mart铆n Ben铆tez, Co-founder

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