Socio Espectacular

We were hired to develop a website oriented to the general audience and the regular members of Socio Espectacular. It was also a website designed for people who live in the interior of the country and who, due to geographical distances, cannot access the auditoriums.

With the new聽streaming platform,Socio Espectacular鈥檚 members will be able to enjoy free access to ten Cinemateca鈥檚聽movies, as well as聽theaterplays,聽music concerts, dance shows and various content of cultural interest.

The launch of the Socio Espectacular鈥檚 portal presented challenges similar to those we had when we developed + Cinemateca: being able to provide access to聽good quality audiovisual content with excellent response times, integrating ourselves into the members database of Socio Espectacular, platforms for online payment, etc.

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