Sistema Producci贸n Citost谩ticos

The production of cytostatic orders is a highly complex process, it requires the use of drugs with a high level of toxicity and with very specific stability and conservation conditions.

For CEMEPA, we develop the software that supports the entire cytostatic production process from order entry to packaging and delivery. Treating a patient with cytostatics is commonly known as chemotherapy.

The developed production system covers the entire process, imposing at each stage control and validation rules for the orders and each of the orders that will be produced. In addition to keeping detailed control, the software works as an assistant to production, which allows to know at all times exactly what is being planned, produced and delivered.

One of the main modules allows the parameterization of dosage alerts and checks the compatibilities of drugs, routes and serums in order to avoid any type of human error in this regard. Labels identifying dosage and composition are automatically printed for each order, QR codes are used to speed up human controls and status updates after production and up to dispatch.

The main objective of the system is to minimize any type of external and internal error, with a special focus on detailed traceability, offering maximum quality and fidelity of information in each of the more than 12 stages of the process.

Work was done on automating or minimizing routine tasks, robotizing controls and generating alerts to focus each operator on maximum control of their task without falling into tedious or difficult checks that generate great stress.聽This system was developed for CEMEPA, a Libra Laboratory company that specializes in the preparation of parenteral and cytostatic mixtures.

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