Electronic Medical Prescription

The Electronic Medical Prescription project allows a collaborative and optimized work model that also adjusts to the current situation.

Through the use of a web application, the doctor can prescribe 100% digitally, securely and with a control of information and alerts, allowing the order to be made immediately to the coordination of the medical center and later to the production system of the laboratory.

The software assists in each step of the digital prescription, validating effectiveness and tolerance thresholds, verifying protocols and drug and serum compatibilities, thus offering the best guarantees when prescribing a medication.

The digital transformation of these processes allows information to be managed from the beginning of the process, helping in each step to optimize, guide and minimize prescription errors.

It also allows savings in form printing, internal management within the medical institution, eliminates errors of interpretation and handwriting and allows to have an exact prescription detail associated with the electronic medical record of the patient.

When the electronic prescription reaches the production system, the quality of the prescription is optimal. The software, through an intelligent assistance interface, has automatically applied dozens of validations and alerts or any irregularity that must be addressed has been presented to the doctor and / or nurse.

With that level of quality of the prescription, the production process is greatly streamlined. The review and validation work is strengthened and allows laboratory specialists to focus almost exclusively on drug production.

The digital process generates significant production savings, minimizes discards, minimizes conditioning and dispatch times and makes delivery times much shorter.

This system was developed for CEMEPA, a Libra Laboratory company. Digital prescriptions allow the digital management of two production lines: parenteral and cytostatic mixtures.

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