Malter铆a Oriental

We are working together with Malter铆a Oriental (MOSA) to take digitization forward in a concrete process; organize and assign to each transporter who arrives at the industrial plant a loading schedule, at which terminal it will be done, what time of waiting there is, among other things that will help to improve the organization within the establishment.

In this context, and with the aim of offering a differentiating offer, we have identified the opportunity to develop a 鈥渃hatbot鈥 software that can complement the services provided through human intervention.

To achieve this type of automation centered on the human being, we have developed an effective, intuitive and easy-to-use interface, which allows transporters to be informed in real time about the instructions they must follow to enter the plant.

Before, this process was carried out manually. When the transporter arrived, he was waiting for a security person to show him where to go. This process took too much time, as there was no established order, and the transporters could have long hours of waiting, and the guards would go from one side of the plant to the other looking for them.

The chatbots are one of the many tools that are currently used to increase the productivity and efficiency of companies. The objective of these technological applications is not to replace the human being, but to create a new type of more flexible interaction that speeds up processes. And that’s exactly what I’m going through with MOSA

How does the chatbot work?

The transporters are present at the access point to enter the plant and there their entry is validated. At that moment, you show a QR code that sends them directly to the chatbot on your cell phone.

Only by entering the registration number of the vehicle, the chatbot indicates to the transport operator if he is authorized to enter and shows the hopper that he must go to inside the plant. If the vehicle does not have the entrance to the plant enabled, the chatbot indicates to the transport operator the steps to follow and sends him a message when he authorizes the entry. This avoids that transporters who are, for example, engaged in other activities such as having lunch, resting or doing other things, miss the shift.

In the event that there is a problem such as that the license plate is not registered in the system, the chatbot notifies this incident to the transport operator and the shift operator at the plant so that it can be resolved.

The main objectives of the project are: