Laboratorio Genia

Digital transformation

The GENIA Molecular Biology Laboratory was created in 1993 by Dr. in Veterinary Carlos J. Azambuja and since then has carried out services based on DNA studies in Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Paraguay. 

One of the services offered by Genia is the installation of the Identical system that allows controlling and supporting the activities carried out in forensic laboratories, maintaining databases of individuals and evidence and allowing filiation and incrimination studies with the information contained in the database of DNA records.

 Fx2 was hired to design and develop the interfaces of the new version of that software using WPF as a development framework.  The challenge was to reach a modern interface taking care of the ease of use and speed of interaction required by the laboratory operators.

 The development team relied on the Expression Blend tool for the design and generation of interfaces, Visual Studio 2010 and WPF 4 were used, as well as we rely on the Infragistics control suite for WPF to achieve rich interfaces with the controls that bring that suite.

 Various modules were built that make up the entire Identical system, which communicate via WCF with the back-end services, framed in a very strict security scheme taking into account the confidentiality of the information that must be maintained in a system of these characteristics.

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