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Since 2017, Fx2 has been working on a comprehensive management system for ICANA (Instituto Cultural Argentino Norteamericano), a center for the dissemination of English and North American culture in Argentina.

BNC Management System is the management system that works today, and includes the management of students, teachers, courses and enrollments.
Resource management is managed centrally and each of the changes are automatically replicated to all subsystems with which they are linked.
The solution allows to have a totally unified system, hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud, and the platform is developed with 100% open source technology.
BNC Management System covers the needs of the Institution in a comprehensive manner (management, billing, listings, course monitoring) and they have adopted it quickly without major inconveniences.

One of the advantages offered by the system is that registrations are automatically replicated in the rest of the subsystems (Campus and Website), saving administrative time.