CorpVida Chile

Processes automation

聽Corpvida is one of the leading life and savings insurance companies in Chile.

The project consisted of the development of several modules for a system of requests management and monitoring of a series of procedures inherent to the client’s activity, mostly part of the main processes of the company. 聽

The entire development based on ASP.Net, with DevExpress controls, required the interaction and development on SQL Server database with XML columns on which a large part of the queries were made.

This required a lot of details and effort to achieve good performance at the level of stored procedures and functions in SQL Server. For the development of web services, WCF and Service Factory were used allowing a much more automated generation of services layer and minimizing risks in the changes.聽 LINQ was used to access data. 聽Work flows based on Workflow Foundation were also developed to integrate them with the IC-Workflow product.聽

The Fx2 team developed the project working remotely, interacting with a local team of Iconexa company, which made it necessary to share all the development and testing stages in daily conferences and videoconferences.聽聽聽聽

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