We have developed a set of projects for the company CEMEPA (from Libra Laboratory), where the different systems or apps help the doctor and the specialist within the laboratory by applying validations and verifying the compatibility of medicines and serums.


The Confirmations project allows the interaction of an additional and fundamental role in the prescription process: the medical institution.


According to the needs and ways of working of each medical institution, the nursing and technical management staff add value to the digital prescription process.

The intervention in the prescription process can be carried out by Nursing and the different Technical Directorates.

Through access to the system, it is possible to establish or manage the coordination of dates of application of the prescribed medication, the coordination of deliveries and add information about the medicines being provided by the patient or the institution, and will be sent to the laboratory before creation of the medical prescription.

At all times, the nursing or the technical directory can access the prescription information, be aware of the status of each order and the delivery times. All this always protecting and ensuring the integrity of the prescription formulated by the specialist doctor.


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