As Statum’s technological partner for its BPMS Apia, we are working together with CONAPROLE, to carry out the automation of its processes.

CONAPROLE is a company that has always taken special care in maintaining rigorous quality standards throughout the production chain, as well as a constant search for safe and innovative processes and products.

The main objective for which they contacted us was to facilitate and standardize the entry of sample analysis requests to the Central Quality Laboratory, which come from all CONAPROLE plants.

Until now, this process was carried out manually, constantly incurring in a series of errors that affected the tasks of all the areas involved. This is why it was decided to automate and digitize this process, achieving, among other things:

A system to digitize information

The analysis request entry process allows the different CONAPROLE plants to register the samples of the different products that need to be analyzed by the Central Quality Laboratory (LCC). Before automation, these tasks were manually recorded on spreadsheets, which often generated errors in interpretation of lyrics, omissions, and slow processing.

The process involves the plants that are in charge of completing the form with the details of each sample, the type of analysis that is required to be carried out and the information of the transport company that is in charge of transferring the samples to the LCC.

 Then the LCC entry table intervenes, which is in charge of analyzing the samples received, validating that they were received in their entirety and under the necessary refrigeration conditions depending on the type of material to be analyzed and finally the LCC indicating the conformity or rejection of samples received, automatically notifying the plant that originates the request for the results.

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The project was carried out by implementing the BPMS APIA developed by Statum, a leading company in the regional market for BPM technology solutions.