The main objective for which they contacted us was to develop a website that reaches the public and the usual partners of Cinemateca, and that allows us to offer a special selection of films so that they can be seen through the platform and above all, that reaches all households.

My first time at + Cinemateca:

Registration can be done for free by entering mascinemateca.org.uy.
At the time of registration, the user must enter data such as Name, Document, email, City, Country one time. These last fields are very important, since the platform is available only for Uruguay.

Once registered and logged in, there is a database with more than 200 films that can be accessed:

Plans for partners

Every month the section "Selection for members" will have a number of films that will be freely accessible to Cinemateca members. In addition, Cinemateca members have the possibility of paying an additional fee to their quota that will allow them to see more films. (1)

Plans for non-members

There are two plans to be members of + Cinemateca; the first consists of the possibility of watching 12 movies a month and the second 24 movies. Each selected movie can be seen as many times as the user wants within 24 hours. (two)

Some sections of the platform

The platform is organized in sections and allows a search by subject, genre and numerous specific tags. The catalog initially consists of more than 200 titles and will grow month by month with new releases, cycles and retrospectives of authors.

Thus, at the beginning of each month, new films will be added to the catalog and + Cinemateca will send you a press release listing the new additions.

In addition, it will allow the public to access historical film records that are kept in the film archive of the Uruguayan Cinemateca, where there will be short clips with archive images accompanied by their contextualization, explanation and origin. A treasure to satisfy historical curiosity and as a teaching tool.

For the payment, we worked with a payment gateway that accepts several cards and with which Cinemateca had already been working

This gateway is a pioneer in the implementation of PCI DSS Level 1 and has extensive experience in the secure handling of data and sensitive information.

PCI DSS Level 1 are standards developed to protect credit card owners’ data during and after a payment. They also ensure that the business is processing its charges in a safe environment, transmitting trust to its customers.

The preservation and confidentiality of the data are a priority in the company. The technological platform stores, decrypts and transmits confidential information within a shielded infrastructure with restricted access.

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