Red Flags Alert System (Fraud Alert System)

The system of Red Flags is a tool of prevention and project monitoring. This tool has been requested and launched by the Integrity Office and the Project Procurement Division.聽

聽The system manages the monitoring of all bank operations (projects) from the earliest stage (project preparation) to the post-execution stage.聽

聽The project data is extracted from the bank’s central database, loaded into the system and from there the users according to their role in the system, work on the projects by following up, adding observations, recommendations and levels of risk. 聽

The system is developed on ASP.Net 3.5, the communication of the layers of services, business and data is done through WCF.聽The user鈥檚 interface (web pages), multi- language, makes good use of the ASP.net AJAX Toolkit to provide a better user experience and better feedback of the transactions made. 聽

The system database is SQL Server 2005 and the reports are built on Reporting Services 2008 integrated to the web interface.聽聽聽聽

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