Banco de Bogot谩

E-banking portal

Banco de Bogot谩 is one of the most important banks in Colombia.聽 It has a web portal to provide e-banking services to its clients.

The project had two main objectives: first, a redesign of the portal architecture, and second, to develop a set of new functionalities for the daily operations of the clients.聽

聽The complete internal and external portal underwent a code refactoring applying a set of good practices for web portals.聽

Several of the existing functionalities were migrated to the new architecture that included a new WCF based platform for communication with the back-end and a services unification that allowed a maintainability improvement.

At the same time, a set of new features was developed that enrich the portal by providing more services to internal and external users.聽 Among these services we can highlight:聽 Edit and publish newsletters of the bank containing financial and operational information.


Requests for letters of credit, entered by the bank’s client and processed through an approval work flow internally at the institution.

Entry of payment orders, another process entered by the institution’s client and canalized into an internal authorization work flow. Integration of an on-line assistant (Live Chat) to provide assistance to customers.

聽One of the improvements introduced in the architecture redesign was a new authentication mechanism based on ASP.NET Membership and Roles, controlling the access of internal users of the institution and determining the permissions of each user.

聽The project was carried out through Infocorp.聽聽聽

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