In mid-May-2021, we have completed the website and management platform for the Association of Biennational Centers of Latin America (ABLA).

The system developed for ABLA is part of the umbrella “ABLA LEARNING”, a broader program that aims to promote, deepen and exchange knowledge among the members of the more than 100 organizations that comprise it.

One of the objectives of the project was to have a website and a management platform to “promote quality training opportunities for the staff of all binational centers.” Another of the purposes, “perhaps the most important”, is “to strengthen ties between all centers and expand the boundaries of positive impact that each one has”.

Through ABLA, it seeks to give access to academic, administrative and management courses, which enhance the knowledge of all its members.

The project consisted of the development of the ABLA website and a management platform that provides access to all personnel working in the binational centers.

The latter was inspired by the platform that Fx2 developed for Alianza a few years ago and that they still use to manage their students, teachers and officials.

It is a comprehensive management system that uses BNC Management, a conglomerate of interconnected Web tools, in order to offer services to users and members.

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