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Forms for receiving prescriptions

CEMEPA is a Libra Laboratory company that specializes in the preparation of parenteral and cytostatic mixtures. Its production system depends largely on the medical prescription (unique to each patient) and needs to deal with very limited processing times.   


The Forms project allows a doctor to prescribe safely and with a collaborative information and alert control, allowing the order to arrive immediately to the laboratory’s production system.  


Users access an intelligent interface, which guides them step by step to complete a prescription safely and validating the information of each step.  Production & Automation System Parenteral Mixes an integral system was developed, which was relieved with all the production equipment and the quality of the information and the reliability and fidelity of information at all stages were prioritized throughout the process.  


Work was done to automate or minimize routine tasks that do not require strong human control and automate controls and alerts to focus each operator on maximum control. 

“Confidence, technical solvency, good humor, excellent will, focus on the client, teamwork. Those are the attributes that would stand out from the work between Fx2 and Libra to develop the CEMEPA Nutrition System.”  

Claudia Sánchez, LIBRA Quality Manager

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